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The highest quality 
Certified Organic and 
100% Natural 
body care products

Earthly Herbals products are hand-made and prepared in small batches to insure  herb strength, medicinal quality and cleanliness in every phase of production. Our love and attention paid to ingredients and process is very important to us and results in a level of quality and medicinal effectiveness you will surely appreciate. 

It is our passion to make these products for you.  We use only the highest quality ingredients and work hard to provide outstanding customer service at a reasonable price.  We very much believe in taking pride in how a product is produced ("the hand").  Attention to detail is the key!  Every batch of Earthly Herbals is handcrafted with the same love and careful attention paid as when it was made for our family years ago.
Earthly Herbals Organics LLC is located in Westminster, Colorado and has been operated by Janet and Rick DeIaco, since its inception in New Mexico in 2000.  The same herbal medicinal recipes offered in our lip balms and salves have been made for our family and friends for nearly 25 years.

In the early 1990s, Janet began making an anti-fungal salve for our family.  We raised three boys with their share of cuts and scrapes, bug bites, athlete's foot and other itchy stuff.  This began the development of our Rick's Fix anti-itch, anti-fungal foot and all over body salve. 

Rick's Fix stops itching and helps heal athletes foot and other topical fungal discomforts.  Works great as a first-aid for minor bites, scrapes and skin irritations, and soothes and relieves symptoms associated with eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin discomforts. Rick's Fix Traveler is a handy and convenient item to have with when hiking, biking or when working or enjoying other outdoor activities.

Our Herblicious and Lip Magic lip balms are exceptional values.  The Natural unscented and four flavors of Herblicious are truly bliss for your lips.  Herblicious is a gentle, calming lip balm that is also anti-bacterial.  It glides on and feels great!.  The Natural unscented and two flavors of Lip Magic are specially formulated cold sore remedies.  They are delicious and antiseptic with powerful Pau de Arco bark and Tea Tree oil to heal sensitive, irritated lips.  Macadamia nut, Argan nut, and Jojoba finishing oils produce a welcome soothing effect that relieves lips prone to cold sores.
Hand​2Heal skin conditioner was created to simply and conveniently moisturize dry, rough and cracked skin around cuticles and hands, heels, elbows, and knees but can be used all over.  The 2.4" roll-up dispenser goes anywhere and makes it a snap to apply conditioner where ever you want it.  Calendula flower is a strong ingredient in Hand 2 Heal that assists in skin cell rejuvenation, collagen production and it helps minimize scarring.  Jojoba and Argan nut finishing oils absorb in fast! 
"Herbs have a unique spirit on the earth.  Since time immemorial they have been there, to provide mankind with essential elements, for survival, health and well-being.

God shows his face in herbs.

We only need to use them with thanksgiving and wisdom."

- Linda Rector-Page N.D., Ph.D.

Everything we do at Earthly Herbals Organics is geared toward providing you an exceptional product and great customer service that really work to satisfy your body care needs.  We believe that once you try our products you will love the value and appreciate our company's commitment to your satisfaction.  

Thank you for visiting Earthly Herbals!! 

Our products are hand made with love!
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All products are shrink wrapped or have safety tab labels for your protection.
Our Certified Organic products are certified in the USDA National Organic Program NOP Part 205.  
Janet and Rick